The universe is full of magical things...


"I believe my art has its own style and is
difficult to categorize.
My work has been called surreal, visionary, fantasy.
I say "I Just Paint".
~Ron Byrum

I paint mostly with watercolors and acrylics because I love the effects I can achieve with layering transparent color. I enjoy painting fantasy women including my interpretation of Wicca witches, fairies, mermaids, and women from the gothic, Victorian age. I paint from my own imagination and am a self taught artist.  I also do faux finishing and murals homes and businesses. To learn more about me please visit my website at www.ronbyrum.com

Some of my work reflects my unique perception of the world at large, some are from personal, social and spiritual experience; some are pure fantasy. I hope I express a broad range of emotion and experiences from hopelessness, fear, control, anger, to hope, love, renewal, and spiritual possibilities.



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